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"It works better than I expected. Wish I had this 30 years ago for vehicle issues. Almost makes it too easy. make them work a bit diagnosing! Good for those young folk."

5-star review from Michael Moore on Google Play

May 1, 2023


Save unlimited scans to your phone. Access anytime, anywhere.

Easily view scans pre & post repair.

Get the Primary Faulty Part

Eliminate guesswork and save time with the app's smart detection of the primary faulty part.

Confirm with the tool’s diagnostic features.

Get to the needed part in one tap from the app.

"This app has saved me huge $$$!'s helped me pin point exact problems instead of just throwing parts at the truck and hoping it works. I use this weekly on my own and have helped dozens of friends and family in just the short time I've owned it. Must have!!!

5-star review from Jeffry Lewis on Google Play

June 6, 2023


View your vehicle's maintenance items.

See your vehicle's next likely issues and get ahead of a possible breakdown.

Access dealer recalls and step by step repair guides.

LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH!! EXTREMELY informative and helpful. I especially love the list of recalls and the step by step of how they go about repair it, with pictures!! Great job guys!

5-star review from Jenny B on Google Play

April 22, 2023

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Compatible With5xxx Series, xxxxRS Series, & 1000 Dongle

App is optional for handheld scanners


Want to try the app but don't have tool?
No problem. The app works without a tool and you get all the
features below.

Maintenance Items

Stay on top of your vehicle maintenance through our in-app maintenance list.

Predicted Repairs

We tell you predicted repair possibilities based on your vehicle's make and model.


We offer free technical service bulletins for your vehicle directly from OEMs.

Safety Recalls

Gain access to NHTSA safety recalls for your vehicle.

Warranty Status

View your vehicle's warranty status, conveniently saved in your phone.

Vehicle History Report

Access unlimited vehicle repair history scans and reports from anywhere, anytime. No need to take notes.


No, the app is optional. Handhelds can be used without the app.

Yes. There are no hidden subscription or update fees.

There are no extra fees. There are no subscriptions. Updates are free.

No, we do not sell your data or track you.

We 100% do not track you, or look at your GPS location.

No, Innova is an American company that started in America and has stayed in the U.S. for the last 30 years.

No, RepairSolutions2 is only available for smart phones or tablets.

No, the app will not work. It is also region locked to Canada and US users.

The app requires a special code that is only available for current US and Canadian vehicles. This data is part of the data payload from the car and cannot be faked.

Even if users pretend to be in the United States, the payload from the car will confirm whether the vehicle is in the United States or Canada and will not operate for vehicles in other countries.

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